Hi there! President von Schweetz at your service! Wanna race? Sweet! Just know I'll beat ya! I've got this thing called pixlexia, but that doesn't stop me from being the coolest and fastest Sugar Rush racer EVER!

Looking for yours truly? I make my humble abode in Diet Cola Mountain. It's a bit messed up from that stupid cy-bug invasion, but it's nice and cozy, and just right for lil' ole me!

Oh, and uh, if ya see Ralph around - big guy, freakishly large hands, always wrecking stuff.. - tell him he's a stinkbrain for me, will ya?

Well I gotta go - Sour Head's bugging me to do some boring presidential stuff... TOODLES!

~~~~~~~~~~Member of Magical Disney Roleplay~~~~~~~~~~
everyone here says i'm just a mistake
Royale raceway by DisfiguredStick

Royale raceway by DisfiguredStick